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Kamis, 15 Oktober 2020 18:32

Implementing Green Port, IPC Provides Shore to Ship Facilities at Tanjung Priok Port

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PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) / IPC has prepared shore to ship (STS) services at Tanjung Priok Port to create an environmentally friendly port (green port).

With the facility, ships that are docked at the port can use the electrical energy provided at the pier, replacing the use of fuel.

"We invite shipping owners to be involved in realizing an environmentally friendly port, by utilizing onshore electricity for the ship's electricity needs when docked. The conversion from fuel to electricity while the ship is docked will reduce exhaust emissions from the ship's engine, ”Deputy Director of IPC Hambra said, Thursday (15/10).

IPC gradually converts various equipment that originally used fuel into electrically powered machines, such as Container Cranes (CC) and Gantry Luffing Cranes (GLC). This effort will save operational costs related to fuel consumption and reduce engine maintenance costs.

Hambra explained that in the early stages IPC and its subsidiary, PT Energi Pelabuhan Indonesia (EPI), developed a shore to ship facility at the domestic container dock at Tanjung Priok Port. Gradually, STS facilities will be installed in all ports managed by IPC.

This facility is designed to replace the energy source of ships that previously used fuel for electrical energy. The advantages of the facilities currently prepared are multi-frequency (50Hz and 60Hz) and multi-voltage (380V, 400V, 440V, 45V0, 460V). This facility can also ensure the safety of the electrical network and equipment on board by using isolation transformers.

The STS facility is equipped with a mobile converter that can follow the location of the ship's berth. This design was chosen because it adapts to the electrical needs of a ship which has a variety of electrical frequencies.

The standard electricity frequency in Indonesia is 50Hz and the voltage supplied is generally 220V / 380V. To support its use, IPC has prepared 2 frequency converter units, so it can serve 2 docking vessels simultaneously. (hlz/hlz)