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Minggu, 20 September 2020 14:24

Addverb Provides End-to-end Automation Solutions Across Industries

Translog Today
Satish Shukla, Co-founder Addverb Technologies (Addverb)


Addverb Technologies, a global robotics company based out of India, built a new product line of robotics for healthcare sector amidst Covid-19 pandemic.

A large number of hospitals across the globe have significantly increased the usage of robots in various healthcare operations and also to protect the healthcare staff and patients from hospital acquired infections.

At present, every industry has become cautious to keep the sanitisation and disinfection on priority to deal with the outbreak and maintain a sustainable balance with fighting the pandemic and economic uncertainty.

Amidst this, Addverb has launched various solutions with the cutting edge science and medical care, such as UV disinfectant robot for all types of closed premises, delivery robot for the purpose of smoothening delivery across various rooms and floors in hospitals, robots for lab and pharmacy automation, real-time location tracking solutions etc.

Over the period of next few quarters, Addverb is targeting to reach the potential customer base and establishing brand presence by showcasing products and solutions in seminars and global robotics events.

On the same lines, Addverb announces participation in the Home Delivery Asia 2020, which is Asia’s first and only virtual event dedicated to Retail Logistics on 23rd-24th September 2020.

“Due to the significant use of automation processes and robotics globally, the robotics industry is reaching to major heights by contributing towards every sector of the economy, working as a lever to reduce human efforts, and letting the sector task with speed and accuracy. We use deep technical insight and rich operational experience to integrate Operational Technology and Information Technology to design and implement best-in-class automation solutions,” Satish Shukla, Co-founder Addverb Technologies said to Translogtoday, Tuesday (22/9).

With innovative and human-centric products and solutions, Addverb facilitates customers to embrace Industry 4.0. With all the requisite ammunition, the company is aggressively expanding and establishing brand presence on the global arena.

Global Offices and Partnerships

To take a further dig in the global expansion, they set up their first offshore office in Singapore which will serve as a nodal point for the entire South East Asia Region majorly focusing on the emerging economies such as Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Korea and Australian sub-continent.

This would set the stage for embracing new partners, customers and suppliers to further enhance our vision to offer comprehensive solutions in the intralogistics automation and robotics space.

Some of the noted players that have already partnered with Addverb include Genie X for Indonesia and Malaysia, TPA from Vietnam, Tellus Systems from Thailand along with Technoforte & Saiber from Dubai, Stratpros from Texas, Smartops from UK, Coboticsys from Portugal etc.

“Our global footprint is expanding rapidly and aim to make a stronghold in international markets in the next five years. Our end-to-end product portfolio fuelled by AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision and IoT streamlines the operations and increases the productivity exponentially,” he expressed.


Shukla said, w
e approach any problem with a unique approach of 4Ds- Discover, Design, Deliver and Dedicated Support, that gives an edge in solving customers’ problems in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

The discovery phase with deep research often led to pinpoint the problem area and helps to sharply address it. This often result in increase in returns by 10x and break the barrier of ROI on technology and is leading to adoption of technology across all sizes of businesses.

Addverb’s state-of-the-art manufacturing capability equipped with the in house developed software, give the product tremendous flexibility, and create warehouses that enjoy higher levels of accuracy and efficiency. The modular nature of the products enables a plug and play capability and hence enable to design and develop innovative solutions for a given problem.

Another best feature of Addverb’s solutions is customer support after implementing the solution which ensures troubleshooting and the proper functioning of the solution with a digital twin, spares management and dedicated resource for every client.

Presently, Addverb is creating automation solutions that impact operational efficiency and business growth by augmenting human potential and reimagining every aspect of motion in warehouses, industrial engineering, and intralogistics operations.

Various Industries

Over the last four years, he said, Addverb provided solutions for various industries including e-commerce, Food and Beverages, FMCG, Chemicals, Textiles, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, and Fashion.

“We provide our customers with the best in class automation solutions as per the changing scenarios, such as the roll out of MFCs, which sprouted due to the penetration of internet and the retailers ambition of delivering groceries within 2 hours of order receipt. We provide advanced robotics such as AMRs, picking and packing solutions, WMS etc to enable these mini-sized fulfilment centres to churn out 1,000s of orders for the e-grocery customer using minimal space and manpower. With a robust micro-fulfilment strategy, we prepare them for the future of e-fulfilment” he added.

Established in June 2016, Addverb offers robotics solutions that are flexible leading to wide-scale adoption. They have been able to provide solutions to a wide stratum of companies from Fortune 500 companies to young and budding start-ups. (hlz/hlz)