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Senin, 22 Juni 2020 11:22

Pelindo IV: MNP Construction Meets Procedures, Focus on Mitigation

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PT Pelabuhan Indonesia IV (Persero) asserted that the construction of Makassar New Port (MNP) as a National Strategic Project (PSN) is in compliance with procedures, including has an AMDAL, as well as concerned with mitigating the environment.

Pelindo IV Port Facility Senior Manager Arwin explained, the Analysis of Environmental Impact (AMDAL) for MNP project obtained by the Company was poured in a Minister of Environment Decree Number 177/2010 about Environmental Feasibility of Makassar Port Development Plan in Makassar City, South Sulawesi Province by PT (Persero) Pelabuhan Indonesia IV.

According to Arwin, MNP project is environmentally oriented and focuses on mitigation or environmentally friendly, a construction system that strengthens the marine ecosystem, as a barrier to the sedimentation of the Tallo River, safety for the surrounding coastal areas, using local labor and Greenport.

Environmental provisions will always be fulfilled. Some have been carried out and some are still running according to the timeline, including environmental monitoring that is carried out periodically," he stressed.

Furthermore, Arwin added, the Company always pay attention to environment mitigating in developing MNP. "We always try to strengthen the marine ecosystem by using natural materials, where the construction system becomes a new habitat for existing fish."

The company also makes a causeway that functions as a groin to reduce impact of Tallo River sedimentation. In addition, creating breakwaters to reduce impact of abrasion and safety of shipping or fishing during summer due to sea waves. "We also installed curtains to prevent pollution, air turbidity during construction," Arwin added.

To fulfill the regulation, the Company always coordinates with Government and interacts with the surrounding community through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, improving the people's economy and so on.

Regarding the use of sea sand material, Arwin said that the activity was also carried out according to procedure. "Starting from the environmental feasibility, licensing, CSR, to supervision and others. We always try to follow the principle of obeying the rules, "he said.

Pelindo IV Corporate Secretary, Dwi Rahmad Toto added, so far implementation of MNP reclamation has gone through a long AMDAL process. "It has also been coordinating with all stakeholders and there has been environmental mitigation carried out, including the local community," he explained. (ams) (hlz/hlz)