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Kamis, 07 November 2019 22:14

Consoveyo Helps PT SMART Warehouse Increase Throughput

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Consoveyo also installed Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV) systems (Consoveyo)

JAKARTA - Consoveyo Singapore Pte. Ltd. (Consoveyo), part of Körber Logistics Systems, is pleased to announce its third consecutive project with Indonesia’s leading seed-to-shelf agribusiness, PT Sinar Mas Agro Resources & Technology (PT SMART).

For this project, Consoveyo returned to PT SMART’s Jakarta warehouse to expand and upgrade its existing conveyor system and Warehouse Management System (WMS).

In Phase Three, Consoveyo expanded PT SMART’s capability to support 20% more finished products and converted the warehouse’s existing pallet stacker station into an input station.

LCD displays at three new output stations were also installed, and the Consoveyo team upgraded the warehouse’s WMS and radio-frequency identification (RFID) systems — a need that was uncovered during scheduled maintenance and operation support activities carried out by Consoveyo’s local partner.

The upgrade to the RFID system helped to simplify the receiving process, and shorten the handling time for all floors. “In today’s dynamic environment, rapidly advancing technology has become the way of life,” shared Poul Lorentzen, General Manager, Consoveyo Singapore, Thursday, November 7th.

He emphasized, equipment, parts, and software become obsolete very quickly. As such, it is imperative that companies carry out regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns, which will result in unexpected downtime and higher costs.

“PT SMART made the wise choice early on to engage our preventive maintenance services, and we’re proud to say that the warehouse has not experienced any severe breakdowns since Project Phase One.”

Customers based in Asia Pacific can tap on Consoveyo’s expertise as equipment specialists for comprehensive preventive maintenance support.

To help its customers achieve high system availability, Consoveyo offers tailor-made preventive and corrective maintenance services, including a team of experienced service technicians who will provide quick on-site support.

Lorentzen concluded Consoveyo are pleased that our longstanding reputation for reliability, efficiency, and excellent customer service is continued through recurring partnerships with our customers.

“Our recent wins and continued partnerships with repeat customers effectively distinguish our foothold as a trusted, leading supplier of automated warehousing solutions for the food and beverage industry,” he said. (hlz/hlz)